Big creek bowfin 2020 edition

Sunday, March 15, 2020
As long as my arm!

As I saw the line moving in the water, I pulled the rod, and I have no leader and hope that I will have the best bowfin I ever had. Bowfin have very sharp teeth. "You must have a leader on the line when catching one" my dad said, but I didn't have a leader and yet still got it  right on the land! It was a mud bath for my dad as he grabbed it between the gills, away from those teeth!





andy's picture

Awesome catch, fish tackler!

Corey's picture

Great bowfin catch in a cool little stream. Love it.

Dan Morey's picture

Way to go!

Royal Whaler's picture

One of my favorite fish to chase.

Dan Henderson's picture

That speices is on my bucket list, hope to get one when I return to Ontario, good job.