Big Crap

Monday, May 30, 2016
Crappie, Black

I caught this big black crappie today on a twister tail.  Probably 2 pounds plus, we got a bunch for dinner and let this big girl go.


Mike B's picture

That's a good 'un Andy. Love the salmonid shirt.

mike b

Moose439's picture

Sick, that's a nice ass fish.

Carp Chaser's picture

Goodness that's a big crappie. Would love to catch one that size. Nice catch Andy!

"There's always a bigger fish"

andy's picture

This one was a real trophy.   Proud to let her go - 

Eli's picture

That's a hubcap for sure!




FishingPals4Life's picture

Nice fish boss!

Goldenfishberg's picture

Wow what a SLAB

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Dr Flathead's picture

Damn man, been a long time since I seen a slabber like that.  I dont know if I've ever caught an honest 2 lb Crappie.  There so rare.  Things got a mouth like a bass!

FishingDude14's picture

Amazing Black Crappie, I can't imagine a specimen like that in the flesh. Bigfoot definitely is envious!

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Hengelaar's picture

Dude, that is one good lookn crapperoony!

I've always thought Crappies are such cool looking fish, with their big ol fins and stuff.

Fishn sure is neat

andy's picture

I love these big speckled bastards.  Someday I will have a replica made of one like this.  Here's another photo of her ~

Daniel's picture

that's sick. amazing crappies

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