"Benign" exotics?

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"Benign" exotics?

I have heard that schools of goldfish, the kind usually kept in a bowl, can be found swimming in relatively large schools in ponds and waterways across North America, even locally here in Minnesota. When I was a child, I saw such schools of small, pet goldfish swimming in Fossil Creek in Richland Hills, a suburb of Ft. Worth, TX (my family lived their briefly back in the Stone Age). I googled this creek, and now it appears it's surrounded by golf courses and fancy housing developments. I doubt the goldfsh are still swimmin' wild and free..if they're still there they probably have to pay association dues...


Anyhoo, I was in a cavernous pet superstore today, admiring the fishies as usual, and stopped to coo at the betas. Then I wondered: if, like the goldfish I saw as kid swimmin' wild 'n free in the suburbs of Ft. Worth, there were any such populations of betas swimmin' wild n' free in ponds and waterways across North America too...


Reekfish (you are queen of the roughfishers and microfishers!!! I'm not worthy!!) in particular, and of course any and all other roughfisherfolks, have you seen any populations of "feral" or wild  betas? 

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There's a few small betta

There's a few small betta populations in southern Florida.




Let there be fire!

the pyromaniac
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OK, apparently they're not

OK, apparently they're not established...





Let there be fire!

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Aw, gosh, Heidi- you're

Aw, gosh, Heidi- you're making me blush... haha smiley


Interesting thought, but I've got no beta (or even goldfish) sightings to report. Sorry!

Tyler W

Goldfish are not a benign invasive. They are at least as bad as common carp. If you don't see schools of orange goldfish in that creek it is probably because they lost their bright orange coloring and are now a dull gray. I studied one population in college that lost its orange color in three generations. I have seen other ponds that were totally over run with them. The water quality was terrible before the goldfish arrived, but their population had obviously exploded in the little pond.