Bass, Butterfly Peacock fishfunkk



Outside of Everglades National Park
Date Caught: 
Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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Thats a popoca peacock bass not a butterfly, florida has both species, popoca have the dark dorsal fin and the bars dont go much under lateral line, while butterfly have long lighter bars and no dark dorsal


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Looks like all the Butterfly Peacocks I've caught down there.  Also, I can find no reference of an established Cichla monoculus population anywhere in Florida. Robbins et al. (Fishes in the Fresh Waters of Florida) do not even mention any species besides the Butterfly.  That said, I'm sure you can occasionally catch almost any tropical fish in south Florida due to aquarium releases.

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With the butterfly they mixed it with popoca, not much people know so they consider both as butterfly.

The biggest popoca was caught in Florida


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The official IGFA record popoca was caught in Kendall. They are mixed in with the Butterfly (Ocellaris) peas and sometimes hybridize with each other.

Alex 05