Banded Sunfish on the fly!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Sometimes the smallest fish bring the largest smile! I landed this Banded Sunfish from the Nottoway Drainage of Virginia. The tiny creek was no more than 2 foot wide and loaded with brush which made casting a fly rod interesting! I finally figured it out and this was my reward. I used two pound flourocarbon tippet and a size 18 zebra midge fly. Now to see if I can find a Blackbanded Sunfish!


Graceclaw's picture

Sounds like hell to me (casting a fly rod in heavy vegetation), but I'm glad you made it work! Maybe consider packing an ice fishing rod for small creeks just in case! 

R L White's picture

The only cast I could use in the thick vegetation was a bow and arrow cast. My first attemp was caught by a spiders web! Luckily the second attempt found its mark!