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Banded darters

I'm not really much of a microfisher, but my local creek is full of these things and I've caught some in minnow traps full of catfish chum- stuff like rotten fish heads, spoiled food, and the smelliest dipbait I've ever seen. I hope that helps.


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I have spent time on Banded

I have spent time on Banded Darters before laying face down on a riffle sight fishing them things.  I had no success either.  It sounds like those that have caught them have been in the spring time.  Perhaps they are more likely to take a fleck of worm at this time of year.  This is my conclusion.

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I've got two recommendations.

I've got two recommendations. When a micro species won't take a fleck of crawler I have had luck with a fleck of bread and or a fleck of Berkely gulp. If you have luck and they turn out to be banded darter let me know as I don't have that species either. I thought Ive had a saddled several times but they always turn out to be a rainbow without its color. I'm not sure I've ever seen banded darter as a species listed here in Indiana but we do have banded sculpin and saddled darter.

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Thanks for all the help. They

Thanks for all the help. They are definitely banded darter, I live in the whitewater river drainage that is just over the border of Ohio in Southeast Indiana. Nothing else resembles them in that drainage except greenside darter, which do not usually share the same habitat. I am thinking I will try in the spring because I have thrown everything at them to no avail. 

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I have fished the Brookville

I have fished the Brookville Tailwaters a couple times to no avail. Maybe next time I come you can sow me a thing or two if its not far from you.