Backyard Microfishing Expedition

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Backyard Microfishing Expedition

Finally decided to try out microfishing and intentionally targeted just the small fish in my lake.  I got some size 26 hooks and set out to see what we could learn. At first we were only catching 3-4 inch bluegill and redear, but after trial and error discovered that the smaller fish were hanging out right next to the bank in the weeds and under the muck. Then we discovered that the bait (worm) pieces had to be even smaller than we first thought in order to hook them.  We caught a number of small sunfish, 6 black acara, 2 eastern mosquitofish, and about 8 golden topminnows - which was a  new species. Overall, it was more challenging than I thought it was going to be and also more fun. We are definetly going to  try it again.

-typical baby sunfish that sometimes ended up on the line

-eastern mosquitofish

-black acara

-female golden topminnow

-male golden topminnow

-melanistic golden topminnow

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Awesome fishies. Nice crisp s

Awesome fishies. Nice crisp shots too.

So many species out there that would be unbelievably awesome if they grew to larger sizes...