Atlantic Sturgeon!

Sunday, September 22, 2019
Sturgeon, Atlantic

I never thought I'd ever see a wild Atlantic Sturgeon in my life, much less catch one! I wasn't sure if it was worth dragging my old boat and trailer all the way out to NB, but this fish made the hassle worthwhile. We started the trip with a little bit of saltwater fishing on the coast, but the main goal was the two Sturgeon species swimming in the rivers near St-John: the Shortnose and Atlantic Sturgeons. We dropped the boat in the water, made our way up the river, and began fishing at the first place we marked a good concentration of fish on the sonar. It just so happened that this was one of the popular wintering holes for the Sturgeon. We quickly set up our first rigs and cast them out before starting on our second set of lines. While setting up my second line, I turned around and saw my rod doubled over! I fought the fish to the boat and realized that I had already potentially landed the mythical beast! A couple quick messages later and I confirmed the ID, Atlantic Sturgeon was officially added to my list :)


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Congratulations Bradley. Epic catch.

mike b

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Thanks Mike B!

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That is some mighty fine anglin' ya did I tell ya whut!!, friggin awesome lifer man, Sturgeon RULE!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Thanks man, Sturgeon really are the coolest :)

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Congrats- cool fish!

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Thank you!

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Fantastic catch! And check out those scutes, man that's a sexy fish.

2019 Species Goals:

Burbot (), Longnose Gar (X), Longear Sunfish (X), any Pickerel (X), 2 new Catostomids (), 5 new micros (X)

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Thanks man! And totally agree about the scutes, I still find myself going back to check out the details on this fish :)

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Right on man sweet catch! One of the coolest detailed sturg in my book.

"Just keep fishing." - Some genius

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Thanks :) Agreed!