Any way to sort/limit lists by date?

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Any way to sort/limit lists by date?

I was thinking about the character limit on the signatures and how people could show what species they've added in a year. Perhaps there's some way that (eventually--when you run out of things to do!) there could be a button or link that users could add to their sig if they want to. Click on it and it shows the lifers they've caught in the current calendar year. I notice that some people aren't bothering to note the catch date of their lifers when adding them to their lifelists, and that would be necessary for something like this to work. I've given this a whopping minute of thought, so it's just a baby idea.

Or there could be just a number displayed for new lifers this year.

I doubt I'll add huge numbers of lifers in any given year, but some are fortunate enought to go to Florida and catch a dozen lifers in a weekend.

Also, could you add a time machine so I could go back to my childhood and take pictures of the species I caught but have no photos of?

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That's doable!  I'll mull it over.

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Lifelist dates

A related idea would be an option to assign just the year a species was added to the lifelist, rather than exact date, since many of us probably don't have exact dates for past lifelisters. In the meantime I'll just guess but the dates will in most cases be off by days or a few weeks. Not a big deal though.