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Another Idea for a Contest

Has anyone on this site ever thought about having a weekend species scramble.  It could start on a Friday AM and end on Sunday PM during mid to late May or even on a weekend during the June species contest (i.e. a separate contest that could also take part during the June contest).

A contest like this would have several benefits.  I have a feeling that the majority of people on this site are unable to fish and travel across the US for the entire month of June.  I have much respect for the ability to catch 70-90+ species in a month, but the June contest has turned into a 1-2 man contest, due to an inability for the rest of the field to travel and fish for the entire month of June.

A big portion of any contest is having competition.  A contest that is limited to the duration of a single weekend would likely allow many more people to have a chance at winning.  It would force people to plan and be as efficient as possible to put up a big number in a short time.  Rather than a showcase of who can travel to the most places, those who compete would have to pick a couple areas that would allow them to catch many different species in a short time.

Just a thought, but I'd be interested to hear other people's opinions as well.

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I'm def open to this. I can

I'm def open to this. I can for sure go 48 hours without sleeping.

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Uh oh

Looks like the challenge has been accepted already. Moose is gonna put up 30 fish in a weekend. As far as making the June contest more competitive for everyone, maybe there could be an award given for hitting various total count marks each contest such as 25, 50, 75, 100. I’m certainly for more contests, shorter ones with more narrow criteria.

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Good idea!

I've thought about doing this myself, but it's a lot of work. Fortunately, it's not programming work, because the system I built for this website can handle whatever contests we want to run. It just needs contest administration, which I can't do very often. If we had some volunteer contest admins, we could possibly do it.

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I’m certainly interested in helping with any future contests, I’ve got the time to check the site pretty much daily it’s just a matter of how to go about it. Would it be as easy as just making a forum post for said contest and having users upload entries there or would it require some kind of technical webpage know how?

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Weekend contest

Good idea. I think that you're right in that it probably would be more competitive.

Would micros count in that? Saltwater fish?


Just curious - how many RF

Just curious - how many anglers participate in the June species contest to compete against fellow anglers vs. compete for individual personal bests?

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It's a personal thing for me, really. But it's fun to see how I place in the pack every year. I'll go for the win eventually though.