And that's how they do it in Jersey

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And that's how they do it in Jersey

Pat-the-nat is slammin' 'em!  Mad props, man ... !  That's an incredible batch of fish.


Pat's obviously using the "Shock and Awe" strategy!

the pyromaniac
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Yep, I just logged on to chec

Yep, I just logged on to check the leaderboard before hitting the river, and saw the complete and utter destruction coming from up north!  Nice catches Pat!  Keep it up!




Let there be fire!

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NIce!  That strategy is worki

NIce!  That strategy is working better than my work-instead-of-fish-strategy.  Maybe I'll have to try another strategy... still time...

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His stragidy is also working better than my "pack/dream-instead-of-fish-stragidy."

Sneaky Joisey Boy: lay in the cut for months then come out blazin' come Contest time...


Soon, though, sooonnn ......


I'll wave at Joisey as I pass over you tomorrow, Pat!

Fishn sure is neat

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haha thanks all!  I am the ma

haha thanks all!  I am the master of suburban playground ponds. I havent had time to really fish hard since the storm last fall but the stars aligned for me this weekend.  A rare weekend off of work, just happened to be June 1 and 2, and my wife took the kids to mom-in-law's house for two days.  Nothing else to do but fish.  Felt good.  Dont worry though, i'm pretty much done for the month.  A mad two day sprint with full face-plant for the rest of June.    

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Either way man thats a nice t

Either way man thats a nice two day run, good hustle!

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Awesome start, Pat.  Way to represent for us Jersey guys.