And on the Day After.....

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Garmaster Bob in WI
And on the Day After.....

I land a white crappie. Ugh.

It was another fun contest and I failed to meet my goal (again) for a number of reasons. My excuse list is as follows. Limited travel to 60 mile radius. High water levels in week 1. In week 3, I contracted hand foot and mouth disease from my kids so that  kept me down for 3 days actually as it affected more severely than it usually does for adults. Also in week 3 the river began rising again dashing any hopes of normal water levels in June. Massive rains in MN flooded us down here even though we are having the worst drought here in over 25 years. I had every weekend booked up with family plans that didn't usually include fishing. On day 28 after waking up in a lot of pain and a hospital visit,  I found out I have a hernia and will need surgery.

Lesson Learned: I need to stop setting my goal so high I guess.


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Nice crappie!

Nice crappie!

I have but one excuse myself. In late May I was on a fieldtrip with my daughter's kindergarten class. We were crossing a creek when I slipped on a wet (it rained the night before), moss-covered rock. I fell and busted my tailbone. I've barely been able to fish since then.

My best get well wishes to you related to your illness. I had that crap in June 2008 and it affected me as badly as when I had mononucleosis in December 1996. It was horrible! It was like somebody kicked me in the [man parts] and then moved the pain to my throat!




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So sorry to hear about the

So sorry to hear about the pain, you guys!

Pyro, my dad got bucked off a horse when I was in high school and broke his tailbone. I'd never seen a tough guy broken down like that before or since. Good luck getting back into fishing form quickly.

Bob, I hope you're back at it soon. I don't know how I've avoided h,f&m all these years of sending my kids to daycare and preschool and other germ incubators. I've witnessed a couple people deal with hernias, and I don't envy that either! Get well so I can come back out there later this summer and we can chase some more longnoses and some sturgeon. And thanks for the guidance at the beginning of the month.


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Garmaster Bob in WI
Thanks guys. I can't imagine

Thanks guys. I can't imagine a broken tailbone; that would be way worse than a hernia. Are you able to fish yet? My hernia isn't as bad as I first thought. I might be able to put off surgery until fall or winter.  I will definitely be able to take you gar fishing Gunnar, we just need the river to recede to normal levels which looks to be about 2 weeks away.