Altamaha Bass

Sunday, June 16, 2019
8 inches

I have been slowly getting around to adding past catches to my Lifelist this year and came accross this Altamaha Bass I caught in Georgia back in June 2019 and haven't yet shared with Roughfish.  Not many options to share a provisional species like Micropterus sp. cf. cataractae (I guess still technically a Shoal Bass).  I was targetting Altamaha Bass for my own personal list and was very happy to see my first Georgia target come to hand.  Of my eight targets for the trip I thought this would be the most difficult just due to a lack of access and extensive hybridization accross much of their range (the two species I though would be easiest were the ones I missed, haha).  The water was chocolate milk muddy and the terrain was steep, no trails, everything prickly, standing in mud up to my crotch at points and on at least one occasion both my father and I wound up in the drink unintentionally, but the fish were willing to take the bait.  All the obstacles made this fish very memorable for us both and gave a huge confidence boost for the remaining days hunting bass in Georgia.

PS.  I took this shot with the June button in the very optimisitc hope that this fish could be a species of it's own by months end (why not?) ... no such luck, but one day.


Matt Miller's picture

Beautiful fish. I find the diversity of black basses really interesting. Doing a trip to fish for the diversity of bass species/subspecies in the Southeast is now high on my list of trips I want to do. I am glad to see the increased interest. There is a Facebook page, the American Fisheries Society Black Bass Conservation Committee, that has a "what's that bass" post every Wednesday. In any case, I love seeing photos of these fish. Nice work.

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Thanks Matt.

I took interest in the black bass diversity after seeing species posted on roughfish during the June 2018 contest, I had never heard of most of the species up to that point.  It made bass fishing exciting to me again for the first time in a long time ... looking forward to one day making an attempt at the many remaining species in the southeast.

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I also have a photo of this fish with a 2018 contest button. With books like Matthew Lewis's Fly Fishing for Redeye Bass bringing these splits to a larger audience, hopefully they will get the status they need at least so they can be recognized for any conservation efforts that would benefit them. 

Great looking fish

Carpy Diem!