For all of you hardcore campers out there...

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For all of you hardcore campers out there...
<p>Just saw this video on youtube a bit ago. &nbsp;Pretty darn cool way to cook your food next time you go camping.</p> <p>Swedish Fire Torch<br /> <a href=";feature=related" target="_blank">;feature=related</a></p>
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yeah Swedish Fire Torches are

yeah Swedish Fire Torches are pretty cool - I haven't made one myself but I keep wanting to.  supposed to be a good option for wet wood - too bad I rarely carry my axe.  Usually I just use my hobo stove and sticks, twigs, pine cones, whatever.

That's another good way to

That's another good way to start and maintain a nice fire. Thanks! smiley

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Oooh, that was cool; thanks for posting! Pretty slick way to keep a pot stable while cooking. I can't even tell you how many times I've had a pot of percolating coffee tip over into the fire when its support burned away. I guess the only downside is that it's pretty rare to find a perfectly-sliced log at the ready at a remote campsite (although it has happened- once, some kind soul left some lovely birch logs for the taking). That, and I never carry anything capable of splitting a log when backpacking.


I wonder if anyone has a recommendation for a good, lightweight hatchet for camping? I've also been wanting to purchase a machete and would love any suggestions for one of good quality that's also fairly cheap. 



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When I was a kid TV ads

When I was a kid TV ads constantly told me that "in Japan the hand can be used like a knife" so I think you've got what you need built in. (It did warn me that the hand isn't suited for slicing tomatoes, though, so be warned.)


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"I've also been wanting to purchase a machete," She says...

Where did you find her, Josh..?

Fishn sure is neat

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I don't know but she and my

I don't know but she and my wife would get along.  Anne bought me an awesome forest axe for valentines day...

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As for the question - I'm

As for the question - I'm personally anti-hatchet.  They aren't worth their weight, IMO.  Easy to hurt yourself, hard to split wood.  Carry a real axe (26" or longer) or use some kind of compact saw.  When doing lightweight summer trips I mostly make twig and branch fires.  That's always been plenty good enough for summer, cold weather I carry the Axe if I think I need it - and it is worth it when needed. 


machete - never needed one myslef, can't help you there.  I've heard a few guys say good things about Kukri style knives (basically a machete sytle)


I tend to go full tilt lightweight or full functionality, too often compromises seem too compromise-y to me.

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I'd have to agree with Tony

I'd have to agree with Tony on the hatchet thing, they are fairly worthless for practical camping applications in my opinion. Any type of hand saw would win in that category. I imagine a large axe would be the most important tool in certain camping situations.

Machetes on the other hand are lightweight and very useful in probably all situations where a full size axe or hatchet may not be. is the first place I would look if I was after a purpose based quasi quality affordable machete, I like that Kukri style though I've never owned one.

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Sounds like machete's the way to go, and nixing the hatchet. I think I had a romanticized idea about the self-sufficiency a hatchet would grant me, mostly because of Hatchet, one of my favorite childhood books (minus the pilot heart-attack/plane crash). I'll check out for a machete- I know I can put one of those to good use!


Must admit, I'm going to try

Must admit, I'm going to try that really soon.  It seems as we get away from nature, common sense becomes much less common.  Keep posting!