After work trip - Twin Cities

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After work trip - Twin Cities

Nice after work outing in the Twin Cities. Fish were biting great and we enjoyed constant action. I caught a few carp, few shorties, a silver and a white.  Lots of nice shortheads.  MJohnson caught a cool lifer too, before I got there so I don't have a photo. Tyler W topped it off with a 15 pound PB carp. So glad Spring is kind of here maybe.


My first sucker of the year

25.5" silver

Tyler W capped it off with a 15 pound PB carp.

Tyler W
The shortheads were very nice

The shortheads were very nice, most ran +18". But, we didn't break the magic 21" mark. 



My other notable catch was my first "real" fish on a keiyru pole. It was a small carp, but a good test of the lightweight keiryu pole. After I landed that, I put the pole away incase I caught a real carp. Good thing I did...



I'll risk stealiing MJohnson's thunder and post his life list photo:

It should be noted that I fish this spot multiple times a week every spring and I have still not caught a quillback. Also, these were the first silver redhorse I have seen in this stretch. 




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Almost did that

We almost went out yesterday too, and considered that spot! Good to know that the fish are present and biting in there, even the illusive quillback. Don't think I've ever heard or anyone getting them there, but always wondered why not. 

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T-Dub Lives!

That sounds like fun, guys!
Am I the only one who can't see Tyler's photos?

Fishn sure is neat

Tyler W

 I don't know what I did differently when I posted the first set of pictures. Should be good now. 


Jason E.
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Good to see the fishies

Good to see the fishies getting active.  Remember, we were mostly still ice fishing this time last year!