2019 Highlights

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2019 Highlights

2019 was a pretty good year with 33 new species, 4 of which were saltwater. Heres a quick overview of some favorites.

These first few were species ive already caught in the past, but particularly good looking specimens.

I didnt know Redspotted sunfish could be so colorful. I have caught countless bowfin, but this was a first in the winter time and the most beautiful ive ever seen.

A trip to Florida in the summer gave me quite a few additions, most of which were freshwater. Though not a new species, i was excited to finally catch some coppernose bluegill. Here are my personal favorites from that trip.

I had tried for mullet the last two times visiting Florida and failed, so this one was quite satisfying.

Species hunting gets harder at home every year (duh), but im almost out of larger species to target in state so most new local additions were micros.

Redside dace are rare in Indiana, very cool little fish that jump out of the water for insects,

This Banded Darter was the most difficult darter ive caught so far. When I finally catch a sand darter they will take that title.

Got my very first madtom blind fishing the river.

Here are a few bigger species that were new for me.

Catching those two in the same session was the highlight of my year.

This white catfish was extra special to me. This species is not widespread throughout Indiana and the only mention of it i could find anywhere was on a single DNR survey that stated they were stocked once in a particular reservoir in 1967. I tried for these fish 2 times before and failed, but on my third attempt Maurer and I spent 5-6 hours sifting through channels and black bullheads and right before leaving this guy showed up.

2019 turned out to be the year of the Esox for me and i got 3 out of 4 for the first time.

Thats all folks! Thanks for looking, lets see yours.

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Awesome!! Looks like I need

Awesome!! Looks like I need to get myself to Indiana!

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Great stuff!

Thanks for sharing, RoughFish.  Lots of fantastic catches!

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Just awesome!

Great catches!  Many I have only seen pics of, never in person.  Keep catching!