2 shiners ID help

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2 shiners ID help

These were both caught in the upper Escambia drainage in south-central Alabama (So, not near the coast).

I thought this might be an ironcolor shiner

But the inside of its mouth isn't black


This one was caught in a stream just haf a mile away

They look similar, but the anal fin ray count is much higher on the last one. Too me, it's a dead ringer for a dusky shiner, but the dusky has not been found in the Escambia drainage. They do, however,occur in little isolated pockets throughout their range, so maybe?

Professor Fish
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Those are amazingly good

Those are amazingly good clear photos, great camera work.

I would post these on NANFA to get the best answer, also if you haven't, buy 'Fishes of Alabama' its the best.

My guess on the first is weed shiner, these are the most common shiner in AL below fall line, and a sensitive

topic since I haven't caught one yet.

On the last one its dorsal fin looks bicolor so I would lean more towards Lythrurus, maybe  Cherryfin or Blacktip.

Again check with Nanfa, there is two or three experts on there from GA and AL.


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Thanks, Professor!

The good folks at NANFA proved your hunches correct. The top one is a weed shiner, the bottom a blacktip shiner.

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Nice photos!

Looks like your new photo tank is doing you well!  Haven't caught the Blacktip yet.....but like Professor says, the Weeds are everywhere down here.  


The smaller scales on the nape of the Lythrurus are very evident in your clear photo of the Blacktip too.


I just got my "Fishes of Alabama" a month or so ago - awesome, detailed accounts and large descriptive artwork for each fish...worthy of framing!

....visit  .....those other fish