An Open Apology

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An Open Apology
Hello Everyone, You may recall I was rather unsavory around two years ago and faced the consequences of my own actions, and paid the price by being booted from here. Today I am here to do my best to make amends and try to rekindle myself with the Roughfish world, and the only way I can do so is by apologizing to you all for any trauma or embarrassment I may have caused. I was boneheaded and I know it. For that, I am terribly sorry. Know the power of words, don’t take them for granted. It is good to be back amongst all of you once again, and I promise to keep myself accountable. Hails to Catostomids, -Greenwood
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Welcome back!

Welcome back!

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Hey hey dude. Missed readin your stuff for sure. You comin to the round up? 

kernel j
Never met ya and have no idea

Never met ya and have no idea what you did, but you're completely forgiven anyway.  Heck, if I didn't get lead to the gallows for some of the stuff I've done in life, just about anyone is entitled to a mea culpa and clean slate.

Besides, you're passionately fanatical about fish species so there's that and it counts for alot.  Darn near 50 years and I still can't correctly pronounce some of the Christian names of these species.  Or Latin...whatever TF it is.

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Yessir! It will ge a grand time as always.


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Thanks Kernel.

Indeed, fish, especially Cypriniformes, mean a great deal to me.


the pyromaniac
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Welcome back Greenie!

Welcome back Greenie!




Let there be fire!

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Welcome back, Dude!

It took courage to say that Gwoody, glad you are back!!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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What's up Greenwood!!!

Good to see ya back! 

Jason E.
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Hello, and welcome back.

Hello, and welcome back. Trains are cool too :-)

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Welcome back, not exactly sure what happened as unfortunately I took a long time off from here, but am back as well and will try to be as active as I can!

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Maybe I'll forgive you, if you reverse your ID of my Shorthead that was/is OBVIOUSLY the first Smallmouth RH caught in Minnesota. 

Welcome back, brother. 

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Welcome back man! 

Welcome back man! 

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I wholeheartedly accept your

I wholeheartedly accept your apology

Eric Kol
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apologies always stick better with donuts.........


glad you are back!

Carpy Diem!