Redhorse, Shorthead Grasshopper47



Crabtree Falls, VA
Date Caught: 
Wednesday, July 5, 1995
Family camping trip....caught on canned corn


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It's hard to tell from the picture, but the body shape, location, and lack of fin coloration indicate it's a White Sucker rather than a Shorthead Redhorse. Do you have any other pictures? 

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We do have the Atlantic strain (species/subspecies?) of shorthead in this area (I live about an hour and a half to two hours down the road) but I agree that it looks more like a white sucker, though it's quite hard to see it well in this picture.




Let there be fire!

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Maybe a trout?  Don't look like a sucker species to me. Or maybe a sm bass. Or maybe a chubsucker. Or a chub. Or a flubnucker