Ice Fishing White Suckers

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Casey Shanaberger
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Ice Fishing White Suckers

Does anyone have any specific advice for targetting white suckers? I've got a spot that I'm planning on going after them, it's a medium sized lake and I plan on fishing a small creek inlet that widens out into a large basin. 


Here's the lake map:


My question is: should I use waxworms, redworms, or some other bait? I'm likely going to use a similar rig that I'd use for open water winter suckers on the bottom.


There's also a good muskie population in this lake, do you think they'd be hanging around the suckers staging early for prespawn?


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I was just ice fishing for

I was just ice fishing for white suckers today and did very well.  I have caught over 50 total for the past three times out.   I am fishing in a frozen pool of a stream so a bit different.  But I have fished a nearby lake and have had sucess there as well.  Near the creek inlet would be my choice.  They will be staging there as spring is getting closer to head up the creek to spawn.  I have been using waxworms for bait.  I kept a few and made fish cakes for dinner.  So good!  Good luck!  

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White suckers

I got a couple from a near freezing creek the other day on little crawler pieces. One thing to note is that they bit very light. my rod showed no indication of a bite, they just happened to be on the hook when bringing my lines in. 

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Remember Fiddlefish?

He used to ice fish all sorts of cool stuff like that. I think he cut a bigger size hole and sight fish them in a dark shack.