Seeking a new gar challenge.

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Seeking a new gar challenge.

The last three or so years, I've enjoyed fishing frequently for long-nose gar with rope flies in my hometown, Western New York waters.    Looking to expand my gar experience, I'm wondering if any of you have any info on specific locations for short-nosed or spotted gar?     I'm not looking to drive to Texas, but somewhere in the Northeast, east coast or midwest is not out of the question.

Thanks in advance.


Casey Shanaberger
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Southern Missouri/Illinois

Just from what I've seen on RF, your best bet to get both in one go would probably be the ozark/bootheel region of MO. Everything seems to be down there. I don't know the area very well but just looking through expeditions on the site you could probably find some cool info.

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We catch both here in

We catch both here in southern Indiana, though not as many of those two as longnose. PM me if you'd like to talk more specific locations. In general, the closer to the Wabash you are the more you see.