Bowfishing wall of shame/public outreach efforts for support of non-game fish

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Bowfishing wall of shame/public outreach efforts for support of non-game fish

Encouraging to see passionate support for native non-game fish - curious if anglers in general would be willing to spend a little more on fishing licenses, and support non-profit conservation organizations in order to help protect all native non-game species via:


- A native non-game fish stamp for conservation efforts (voluntary)

- Increased fees for all hunting/fishing licences for conservation of native non-game fishes (mandatory)

- fees used to produce short educational videos (<5 min re wanton waste/importance of native non-game fish) produced in multiple languages as required viewing for all online license purchases (mandatory)

- fees used to subsidize increased buffer zones in rural agricultural watersheds

- organizing a freshwater version of 4Ocean to support native non-game aquatic wildlife in general (voluntary)

Are these ideas realistically attainable, or just wishful thinking?

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That's the kind of stuff we've been working toward for decades. It's slow and hard work. The best way to make change is to influence the next generation.

Tyler W
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People need to care

I think people need to care BEFORE you ask them to pay more. For the 2019 fiscal year the DNR reported $100,384 in proceeds from the voluntary walleye stamp. That is for the state fish! I would be surprised if a non-game fish stamp could raise 1/20th of that amount. 


I would be thrilled if the DNR could make two simple and low cost changes:

1. Show roughfish in the ID section of the regulation book. Particularly the ones anglers are most likely to encounter. 


2. Place reasonable, species specific, limits on roughfish. 


That would be the fastest way to raise awareness in the general public. Seriously, most people's first response to catching a buffalo or carpsucker is, "It must be an invasive species because my Pappy never told me this fish exists." First we have to combat ignorance, then hostility and then people might start actively appreciating them.