Eel, Swamp fishingwithpole

Eel, Swamp
A ditch in Nara, Japan
My first ever swamp eel caught on a piece of crawler meat. I found their burrows in a swamp-eel-rich area, and induced them to come out of their burrow by swinging the bait at its entrance. After I made one come out by his/her half of body, I let him/her bite the bait and set the hook. I did this because it is so hard to pull them out of their burrows.
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This is an insanely cool catch. I have seen several references that they have been introduced to Florida, including the book Fishes in the Fresh Waters of Florida. I have never seen a catch of one there, though.

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No need for references Matt, they are indeed there. I know anglers who've caught them and I've personally jigged for an uninterested one. Could of caught it by hand but no fun in that!

Your momma fishes for lifers with Eagle Claws.
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A very cool catch!  Congrats!

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Some of these were recently observed in Ontario of all places!