Lifer River Redhorse!

Monday, June 10, 2019
Redhorse, River

Finally got my River Redhorse! And the best part, I was able to find them close to home in QC :) It had been many years with the same 3 "common" QC Redhorse on my lifelist: Silver, Shorthead, and Greater. Then, I travelled to NC for two species that can't be found here: the Golden and Black RH's. Finally, I figured out the Rivers just yesterday! A great reward after multiple years of trying unsuccessfully. This guy fell to a bottom rigged nightcrawler in the main branch of a river, no interesting structure to be seen in the area. He pulled hard and held the bottom, thought it was a Carp until I had him right up to shore. He pulled drag despite my heavy gear and tried running into a nearby boat trailer multiple times.


Awesome catch.

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Congrats man, they sure are fun fish

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Thanks :) They really do put up a good fight