Bigmouth Buffalo aged at 112 years old

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Tyler W
Bigmouth Buffalo aged at 112 years old


This study looked at the age of bigmouth buffalo in Minnesota and found they are the oldest living freshwater teleost fish! Their study found 5 individuals over 100 years old, with the oldest being 112! 


The article is absolutely worth the read. It makes a great case that bigmouth buffalo need further protection (i.e. more than "none") since they are long lived fish with sporadic reproduction.


It is also a great example of how little we actually know about the ecosystems right in front of us! Come to find out the oldest freshwater teleost in the world (out of ~12,000 species) is living in Minnesota and no one even knew. The previous maximum age reported for bigmouth buffs was only 26! 


We should all make an effort to pass this article on to regulatory agencies where we live. This is proof positive that bigmouth buffalo shouldn't be subjected to unrestricted harvest from nets or arrows.  

Peeling Line
Really interesting.

Really interesting.

"Black Buffalo (Ictiobus niger, 56 years: a single specimen Donated to our research team was 32 years oolder than the pre-viously reported maximum age)"

Would like to see them follow up on the black buffalo. 

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Since they're so long-lived, I wonder how they have managed to continue being such a successful species despite bow-jackers and mismanagement? They must reach reproductive maturity much more quickly than Lake Sturgeon. I agree though; it's crazy to think that we've been (mostly unsuccessfully) chasing after something with such a prestigious title (Oldest geezer of the Teleosts, which comprise 94% of all living fish species). Thanks for the share!

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Very cool, I hope this

Very cool, I hope this information helps protect them.