unknown micro fish?

found this up in interior Alaska 30 miles north of the arctic circle in july 2012. it was about 3 inches long. found in a flooded canoe that was left on a shoreline over winter. Alaska Blackfish.


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dont know what this is.  I found it up in interior Alaska  about 30 miles north of the arctic circle inside a flooded canoe on a lake shore.  i remember it was about 3 inches in length. 

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At first glance, I think that might be a young-of-the-year Ling Cod, but I don't know anything about their nesting/spawning habits to know if that's consistent w/where they'd be found. I'd go with Tony's opinion over mine. 

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I'd compare it to Alaska Blackfish, looks about right at a glance

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Based on the location, I'd say blackfish is your best bet

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That is Alaska blackfish, I'm fairly certain. Quite common in the Alaskan interior, I'm told. They're in the same family as pikes (Esocidae) and have the same basic fin and body structure -- as this fish does.



mike b

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Cool catch!