cape Coral florida

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Captain Brandt
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cape Coral florida

hi.  looks like im going to be spending a week in Cape Coral Florida early summer.  anybody familiar with the area?

Im going to be fishing the canals and probably do some in shore fishing as well.  (got two days with a charter). 

I'll have access to a kayak as well.

just curious if anybody has fished the area.


Theres a ton of

There are lots of gizzard shad in that area!


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Capt. Brandt,  I live in Fort

Capt. Brandt,  I live in Fort Myers.  I fished some of the cape canals when I first moved hear last year - seems to be a lot of largemouth bass in the canals and little juvey snook.  Youll see a ton of Tilapia and mayan cichlids too.  I am not sure what you're looking to catch.   Since you have a kayak,  checkout Serenia Vista park - its just before you get onto Matlacha Island.  There are a lot of snook and jack crevalle in the canals around the put in point of Serenia Vista park.   I always love getting into the creeks around the main channel there, pitch/skip flukes up under the mangroves, great snook action around that canal system.  

Look for some of the pump stations/dams  around cape.  Theres a dam off Burnt Store rd by NW 21st terrace that some big snook have been caught... weve been getting some rain so it could be good water flow now. 

You might check out Caloosahatchee Creeks Preserve West.  It has a canoe/kayak put in point - ive gotten bowfin, spotted gar, largemouth, and snook in those canals/creeks.. a little more scenic through there as well.  The cape canals are just ugly canals with concrete stormwalls. 

Judd Community Park has a put in and really fishy water... ive been there only once, id like to poke around there more.  A lot of snook there as well - good looking area, a lot of diverse water types around that canal system. 

Feel free to PM me any other info - if youre willing to travel a little further there are a TON of places to catch fish around Southwest Florida. 


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Captain Brandt
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thank you all for the info so far.   keep them coming if you can.    im trying to get as much info as possible.

I'm definetly excited now for the trip.  hope I catch a snook. 

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If you choose to fish bait on

If you choose to fish bait on the bottom you're almost certainly going to catch hardhead catfish. Lots of them. Infintely many of them. Make sure to have a towel handy to get the slime off your hands. You'll also catch a ton of Mayan cichlids. Again: infinitely many. There are mullet in some of the canals (maybe all--I don't know). They like to reveal themselves really obviously and then not eat. Read the striped mullet entry in the species section of this site for some ideas. I've caught ladyfish in canals on the other side of the river (in Ft. Myers) using small inline spinners. I suspect they're in the Cape Coral canals too, at least close to the river. I've seen longnose gar in those canals, and I've heard of people catching them in Cape Coral. I don't think spotted gar's range goes that far south, so any non-longnose gar you catch should be Florida gar. 


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