Lil’ Easter (or Passover) angling action

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Lil’ Easter (or Passover) angling action

After much gorging on feast items on this day of Passover/Easter my old man and I joined my dear friend and fellow angler Ryan for some much needed creek carp fishing. With full bellies we trod down to a local creek by Ryan’s house. We had sharp hooks and Libby’s brand sweet corn kernels $1.19 special kwik trip brand canned corn. Delicious for both denizens of the deep and an angler as well. I’ve been known to eat a whole can on the bank whilst canned corn angling. A nice change of pace from smelly cut baits and nightcrawlers (although also decadent when fried)


The day was our’s. Easily banked 50 carp plus an extraordinary mirror carp and two freakin big mouth buffalos. My pops caught them back to back….never In my angler’s years have I seen such a feat. On canned corn nontheless. How. Why? Really? What’s next, a quillback on a corndog?? Perhaps a cocktail weenie??


All things considered I told him to either purchase a lottery ticket or at the very least save that pair of underwear to hang on the wall with a plaque reading;  “While in these lucky anglers underpanties, the great buffalo spirit was with me”

Pictures to follow:

A side

B side featuring “this lil carp of mine I’s gonna let it shine

My old man with his canned corn buffalo

Lighting doth striketh twine.

Fatty fatty boomballatty

Twice as fat pork fattty mcFatboi


As the sun set on our day of canned Corning it got colder and windy as chili farts so we trod back along the trail to the motor vehicles. Smelling of rich carp slime and sweet corn juices we ruled the day.

We only had to verbally berate a couple bowfisherman, felt nice to catch carp hook and line when all they could do was miss and hit logs. Ding Dongs..

We compiled a large lump of trash picked up from along the bank. It never ceases to amaze me the trash that ignorant anglers leave behind. But my pops never leaves home without a trash bag so we were able to bring the lot back with us. 75 cents worth of aluminum cans will buy me one of those jumbo gumballs from the gum dispensing machine. And it’s gonna taste so sweet.

Casey Shanaberger
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Flowin' Locks

You're hair is almost as long as mine! 


Perhaps it is a secret to catching fish.......

"I swear if you catch another drum"

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"long hair can't hide my redneck"

Let it go, let it grow. I just wish it gave me more attention from the lady angler's. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Great stuff

Those sure are some nice carp, especially the mirror!  Congrats.  My first ever bigmouth buffalo also came off canned corn.

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Nice fishes. Did those buffs just pick the corn up off the bottom? 

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Wow man thanks for sharing!

Wow man thanks for sharing!  That mirror is exceptionally bad ass!


Dr Flathead
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Nice mirror man. What a

Nice mirror man. What a beauty!

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WOW -- put a beet in her

WOW -- put a beet in her mouth... , or get her an XL Don't Gefilte Me  t-shirt...  long one!!!

where's that 4th finger?    NO means NO!!!

just because the nice long hair doesn't get enough attention from the ladies,

doesn't mean you go straight for the cloaca

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

Tyler W
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Nice! I was stuck inside all day. If you see shooters in that area I would call the police. I'm sure they wouldn't tolerate anyone discharging a deadly weapon there.