Monster channel cat or decent blue?

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Monster channel cat or decent blue?

Saw this recently on social media of a 47 pound "pending record" catfish from Lake Tawakoni, TX. The post quickly generated a spirited debate as to whether the fish was a channel catfish as claimed or merely a modest-sized blue (still bigger than any I've caught).

Fortunately they took a pic of the anal fin...

Very curious to hear what folks on here think.

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I think I count at 29 rays and the anal fin runs off the frame so it should be beyond the range for Channels.  Beyond that, the shape better aligns with a Blue in my opinion

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Blue Cat!

The fin is worn down to make the anterior portion look curved. But the margin is straight and there are too many rays. Wonderful blue cat, quite a specimen.

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Seems like a blue

though im not to familiar with these northern cats, but they way how that anal fin is shaped seems like a blue to me


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My thoughts as well.

Feeling somewhat vindicated after seeing so many claims that it was a channel. Quite a few people believe the world record channel cat is (67 pounds caught in the 60s) was actually a blue cat. The picture isn't great, but I'm inclined to believe it. It seems channels tend to be bigger outside of the range of blue cats.

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On a like note- the State of

On a like note- the State of South Dakota recently removed the long standing record (since the 40's) channel catfish record as further investigation of the picture it was deemed to be a blue catfish, not a channel.  So currently SD has no record channel catfish.  I am sure that will change many times this year.

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Interesting update here...The guide service reported that TX fish and wildlife did a DNA test that showed this was a blue X channel hybrid. I could not find any more info than that, still scratching my head as it looks 100% blue to me.

I saw the pic of the old SD record..indeed quite obviously a blue. Good to know they set it straight!