Personal Best Laker

Saturday, February 23, 2019
Trout, Lake
30.5 inches

I took advantage of the rare opportunity to icefish Lake Superior yesterday. The goal was to conquer my mortal enemy the Coho Salmon and then target the giant lakers found in Superior. The Coho fishing was a bust, but at around 1:45 this nice Laker slammed my tube jig 100 feet down and fought like crazy, easily the best fight I’ve had with a Lake Trout. Drag peeling like a crazy mofo. She taped to 30.5 inches and was sent back to terrorize the local smelt population. These things are quickly becoming one of my favorite species.


andy's picture

That's a beauty of a laker.

Outdoors4life's picture

Great fish man!
I was wishing I had taken the time this year to hit that area. Someday I keep saying.

It is all perspective!

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FP4LifesDad's picture

Nice fish buddy congrats!


Goldenfishberg's picture

That was a good time up 'ere on da big lake. Even though I caught exactly frick all, I'm glad one of us anglers got to angle one, even if it was you. Great fish friend. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Corey's picture

Awesome job. Iceing anything on the big lake is an achievemnt, and that one is beyond a sow for that water. nice work.

Mike B's picture

Nice trout man. Lake trout are a lot of fun, aren't they?

mike b