Snack That Smiles Back

Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Bigger than bite sized

Fishing a warmwater discharge and noticed that there was a sizable school of bright orange fish hanging out in it. Managed one among the hordes of hungry bluegill. Also worth noting that this is a large goldfish, and that there were others in this spot much bigger than the one shown. I hope to catch them soon.....


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That there goldfish is dang near big enough for a meal! Cool catch buddy 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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put vegetarian doughbait on the bottom -- gills will still harass, but less enthusiastically

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

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Or under a bobber. Set  dough ball right at mouth level. Cast way out past and slowly work in into their pod. Their usually pretty skittish.

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Something weightless on a small hook is always good for not spooking skittish koi and goldfish. Corn, maybe, because it's so easy to see in the water. 

The only problem is figuring out how to get it to them....


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Cool fish buddy, we are still looking for those!  Walmart gets mad when I fish in the tanks! haha


If you are ever headed down through Iowa there is a quarry loaded with them.  It's 20 minutes east of Cedar Rapids.  I did a catch and cook video for fun and you can see most of the fish are around 12" and around a pound. location (41.918398, -91.413913)

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Thank you for the input!  We may end up doing that as we crossed over into Iowa for yellow bass and plan to fish a couple other species down there! 8)

You're welcome.  If you make it down this far and want to fish just message me. 

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Lots of goldfish ponds here in the cities. If you and your boys ever want to get into them I have some reliable spots.