Spiderman Strikes Back!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
14 inches

A while back Wal-mart had a clearance sale on outdoor gear and a zebco spiderman combo caught my eye, a deal for 4 bucks! I snatched it up and respooled it with 10lb test mono and took it to my favorite Scup spot with my grandpa. Rigged up a 1 oz sinker with a size 6 hook and threaded a piece of sandworm. The reel struggled to hold the entire rig and dropped it next to a dock hoping for a scup to pick up the bait. I had a few nibbles but they didn't take, a few minutes later I had a taker! The scup put up a really strong fight especially on this rod, cranking down I was able to land this scrappy fighter and took a photo. Sadly the salt and fights killed the rod after catching 12 more fish. would likely buy another and try for Summer flounder or bluefish. The first fight and the meal afterwards will always be memorable.


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Thanks man! 

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I always wanted to catch a bowfin on a snoopy rod myself.

Maybe we'll have kid's rod challenge.

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Remember my daughter at 4 yrs old with a similar looking kids Zebco with me while fishing in Alaska on a small stream.  I put her to work with a little salmon egg hook, and a single egg to catch little dolly varden.  5 minutes later I hear some hellacious splashing and yelling for daddy.  Yep...she got the coho salmon I got bubkus.......great stories from those little rods...

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Might have to bring one of these setups to the next roughfish roundup. Maybe even one for the prize table...

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I'd love to see some battles with big silver redhorse during the Derby, just grinding the gears of those little reels.