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Matt Miller
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Another New Book

Hi everyone,

My first book, Fishing Through the Apocalypse, will be published by Lyons Press in March. You can preorder it on Amazon now.

It is no exaggeration to say this book would not have been possible without You will recognize not only many of the species, but also this forum's participants. It includes Alex and Greenwood fishing for chiselmouths on their epic June species trek. It includes catching a lake sturgeon with Goldenfishberg, Alex, Quinn and Maggie. I fish for eels with PMK & Lia. And more. And is mentioned several times in the book and in the acknowledgments.

There are many other chapters, each a fishing story that looks at the future of fish conservation and fishing in North America -- good, bad and ugly.

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to all of you who helped me out along the way.



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Been looking forward to this book as well.  Can hardly wait until March to get my hands on it!  

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That sounds great Matt.  I

That sounds great Matt.  I love books, especially on that subject.  I will have to order one.

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Fishing Through the Apocalypse

That's a great premise for a book, and I'm definitely buying a copy in March.

As kind of a funny sidenote, in a story I wrote a couple of years ago satirizing the commercialization of fishing, I included a tongue-in-cheek book ad. The book's title was "Fishing Your Way Through the Apocalypse- A Comprehensive Guide to Zombie Awareness, Nuclear Carp, and How to Weaponize Your Tackle Box".

Obviously there's no connection there, but it's kind of funny how close that title is to yours.


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Can’t wait!

I just hope I can get my copy signed by the author himself! Hopefully while on a river bank somewhere sooner than later!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Congrats Matt.   I will order a copy shortly!

Joel Spring
Author of "The Ghosts of Autumn" 2016 and "The Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing" 2017. New book in 2018, just released is "Strong is the Current: A Grieving Father's Meditations on Life, Loss and Fishing" (West River Media).

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Can't wait!  Congrats Matt!

Can't wait!  Congrats Matt!

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Sweet. Will order

Sweet. Will order




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nice fish

and who said nothing exciting happens in march? I'll be pre-ordering mine today


Carpy Diem!

Jason E.
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Awesome!  I'll need to take a

Awesome!  I'll need to take a look at it.