Salmon, Atlantic uconn fishhead



Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Maine
Date Caught: 
Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Both caught on a ultralight rapala trolled behind a Dipsy Diver. We chose this lake because the landlocked salmon are reportedly abundant (and thus slow growing). First pic is my personal best - 19", 1.5 lb. Last photo is a 4" parr. Key characters are 8-11 parr marks with a single reddish spot between most, a deeply forked tail and a long pectoral fin (at least as long as the dorsal fin when depressed).
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andy's picture

I need to catch one of those some day...

uconn fishhead's picture

The Dipsy Divers seem to work well.  Cheap (<$16) alternative to downriggers.  Got the lures down to about 60 feet.  They require a stout rod because of the drag.  They have a release that stops them from diving after a fish (or you) gives a sharp tug.  Because the divers are so heavy, you need to have a good feel to tell if you have a small fish on.  It's weird to use a rod with 20lb braid with a 6lb leader (super light drag).

Anyway, the system works. 


Lake Kantelljuhwhar's picture

I've been using 12 pound lead core line (the new stuff) in Newfoundland lakes to go after the Ouananich ('landlocked' Salmo salar).  Works great.  Very low resistance.  Low stretch.  So you're only fighting the fish, not the Dipsy.

uconn fishhead's picture

I haven't tried leadcore.  In fact, I pretty much haven't tried for Landlocks at all before this.  I realize that leadcore (and downriggers) is superior to the Dipsy Divers; however, it is a dedicated technique - i.e. once you put leadcore line on your reel, you can't use that reel for other things.  The rods I put the dipsy divers on are my standard 7 foot casting rods for striped bass, so they are definitely general purpose.  I suppose I could have strung lead core, then took it off after the landlocked mission.

My Dipsy Diver recommendation was for beginners like me - something people can try on a whim and just remove them when finished.

Thanks for the tip though.  Someday maybe...