Why aren't Greenling green?

Sunday, October 7, 2018
Greenling, Whitespotted
About 30 or 40 pounds or so

     I was fishing in a spot where I know there are Striped Surfperch hoping to knock that one off the list. I even saw a few but they wouldn't eat. My frustrations were set aside though when I saw this greenling pop up to the surface. Immediately knew what it was, though it was much darker than I expected for a Whitespotted one. I had to do that thing where you hold your breath and make that face, while you gingerly lift the lifer from the water's surface up the 20 feet over the pier railing, but all the breath holding and face making paid off and the fish was landed, and photos were taken! Now I just need a Rock Greenling and I'll have completed the "Greenling Slam"!

     Ok I just made that up, but still it would be pretty cool!


Hengelaar's picture

Man, is that ever a cool looking fish!
Sounds like that's a sweet variety spot, too!

Fishn sure is neat