Seahorse, Dwarf nchull

Seahorse, Dwarf
Placida, Florida
Date Caught: 
Friday, November 25, 2016
Never thought this would happen!!! Size 30 hook with small piece of shrimp


Underpants52's picture

That's amazing. Did you sight fish it?

nchull's picture

Yes he was hanging on to a piece of grass. I let the small piece of grass shrimp drift down to him. I was absolutely shocked when I caught him. 

Susquehannock's picture

Holy crap. That's a seahorse- caught on a line. I didn't even know that that was possible.


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That is unbelievable. i doubt thats ever been done before. congrats. 

nchull's picture

Thank you. I doubt I will ever be able to do it again

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I'd heard the sizeable pipefishes were impossible.... but this... this is just... I take the skill to catch that cost you your soul? (well worth it)

2019 Goals: Bring Lifelist to 200, Greater Redhorse, Silver Redhorse, White Crappie, Pink Salmon, Rainbow Darter, Any Gar, Any Sturgeon.

nchull's picture

Haha it must have. I still can't believe I managed to catch him. I wish I had it on video.