Tiger Muskies

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Tiger Muskies

Hi again,

Have you considered adding Tiger Muskies to your species lists?  Or is the fact that they normally only exist as an artificial species used mainly to control some of the other species you list.  They do have a rather devoted group of followers here in Washington.

Dr Flathead
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Hybrids and strains don't

Hybrids and strains don't count as a species on here. You can add them into your lifelist under northern pike or muskie for reference if you like.

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Artificial Hybrids

There are a few hybrids that are visually distinguishable - tiger muskies among them - but for every one that is, there are a thousand other hybrids that are not. We've decided to make our list a true list of species and not pollute it with color morphs, artificial hybrids, or other frankenstein creations from laboratories. That way, we can call it a species list, instead of a "species list, except for a few select hybrids, but not all of them".

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That's funny stuff Cory.

I used to have a "species list, except for a few select hybrids, but not all of them" but then I cleaned up my spreadsheet and moved all the hybrids over to their own tab