Alaska Aniak River Spawning Male Dolly Varden Charr

Monday, July 30, 2018
Dolly Varden

Caught a few weeks ago on an epic trip to the Aniak River in Alaska.....spectacular rainbow and dolly fishing with the occasional grayling and salmon thrown in.  One of the largest northern dolly subspecies (salvelinus malma malma) I have caught.



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That's a beautiful fish, and I am jealous that you got to fish the Aniak.  I'd love to hear more about your trip - maybe you could write up an Expedition Report?



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Andy I have quite a few pictures and will try to do a report the next few days.

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What an absolutely gorgeous specimen! Really cool catch.

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That is a beautiful fish.  I'm very jealous.  

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That is a spectacular char. Wow.




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What a gorgeous fish. Not many species can rival the looks of a spawning male of any species in the Char genus.

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