Fishing in my parent's backyard. Neenah Slough

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Fishing in my parent's backyard. Neenah Slough

Neenah, Wisconsin.

Neenah Slough--->Little Lake Butte Des Morte--->Lake Winnebago.


My parent purchased this home in Wisconsin back in 1995.   I was truly excited because there was a river in the backyard.  On move-in day, I jumped out of the truck, ran in the back, dug up a worm, and threw my first cast.  Few mins later, I caught my first perch. 


The river was known as a slough.  Everything was dumped into it.  The river flows into a bigger lake that is about 300 acres which flows into an even bigger lake.  I remember seeing dead cats, shopping carts, tires, shopping bags, etc....  I did catch a variety of fish during my childhood:  perch, walleyes, silver shiners, bluegills, green sunfish, bass, crappies, golden shiners, northern pikes, carps, suckers, bullheads and channel catfish.  Before my neighbor moved to Florida for retirement, he told me that there used to be trout in the river, but with the city dumping stuff in so much, they all disappaered. 


During the first 2-3 years, the spring perch run was the best.  Jumbo sized perch would run in huge schools.  We would catch them wtih almost every cast.  Since the river runs through my backyard, it was private and others were not allowed to fish it.  I remember seeing over 40+ people fish shoulder to shoulder on the other side while it was only me fishing solo on my parnets property.  After those exciting runs, the perch stopped coming.  It has been almost 10 years now and the perch are finally making their comeback.  Nothing jumbo like how it used to be, but decent size. 


Every summer, this river is almost drained dry, but every spring, it floods pretty high. I was glad to have spent this Easter here with my family and share my experiences fishing here with my son and daughter. 


This is directly in the back of my parent's backyard. 


1 mile north from my parent's house.


First sucker I caught.


2nd sucker.


3rd Sucker and perch


Average Perch


Biggest perch caught and released:

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Nice report!

I love the long history of your fishing there.  Here's hoping the fish come back!


It's funny, I remember in times past going to spots like that - where tons of fishermen would congregate in good bank spots. Doesn't happen as much anymore.



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Cool story. I'd write to the

Cool story.

I'd write to the city and to the local papers and bitch them out for using the river as a dump. 





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Eli is right. You could convi

Eli is right. You could convince a feature writer to do a story about how you've watched the water change in your lifetime and it's time for the city, county, businesses, etc., to realize what's happened and make an effort to turn it around. Get them to take some photos of you and your kids fishing there and it'll have an impact on readers and be attractive to editors. Bonus if you can get a photo of a dead cat floating by!


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Gunnar and Eli, When I was

Gunnar and Eli,

When I was in high school, we did a social studies project to make changes in the community.  Ours was about changing the river conditions.  We contacted the city and WI DNR.  We were even on the local news.  Since then, it has improved a bit, but for it to be like it was 20+ years ago, may not be possible.  I remember seeing fourescent green chemicals spilled into the river for the first few summers. 

Jason E.
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That spot is like a dream com

That spot is like a dream come true.  Backyard fishing!  In Cleveland, people didn't get motivated to clean up the rivers until they started on fire, so it usually takes quite a shock to spur positive action.

Neenah Slough Then and Now

As someone who grew up near the slough and fished it in the 80's, I can assure you that this waterway has seen a DRAMATIC improvement. It has been a long term project and it still continues. Every year there is a big cleanup to gather the litter that residents toss in or along the slough. I now take my son there and there is no comparison to the slough I knew. Granted, it is a very shallow waterway and in the summer it becomes very overgrown and nearly useless to fish. The fact is that no matter how much you clean it up, you will always have the pricks that toss in the bikes and grocery carts and whatever else. Hopefully people will continue to clean that stuff up every year also.