Appalachian Gems

I had the privilege to spend a week of lifelist fishing with my dad through the Appalachians.  We covered Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.  Wow!  What an amazing find of Appalachian treasure I found!

I love the bulbous head of the Bull Chub. 

I was able to connect at the farthest southern range of the Fallfish.  Several were caught under this obscure little bridge.

Inspecting some of the local mountain streams proved to be fruitful as well.  After taking a walk up one shallow, clear water stream looking for new species, I came across this school of Dace spawning on what might have been an old chub nest.

They appeared to have some distinct coloration along their sides but I never thought they would be so handsomely dressed up.

Mountain Redbelly Dace

Spawning along with them were a few Rosyside Dace.

Then a slight detour off the Appalachian trail to hit the Eno, looking for Uncle Steve.  If you don't know what I'm talking about go to youtube.  Uncle Steve is Eno River icon found with his many simple fishing videos.


Roanoke Darter

Bluehead Chub

Onward to Georgia & Tennessee

Blotched Chub

Rainbow Shiner losing its brilliant colors.

The coolest thing about these Alabama Hog Suckers is that they were all sight fished in this gem of a gem spot.  I caught about 5 or 6 of them.

Alabama Shiner all lit up.

Southern Studfish

Another spot proved to have an abundant supply of Tangerine Darters.

Greenside Darter

And I just can't get over that Redbreast in his bright orange colors. 

Overall, it was an awesome trip of new species collection.  We camped along the way to keep the cost down.  I was amazed at how cheap one can keep a cool lifelist trip like this. helped the cause.  Check that out on your next lifelist endeavor.  Camping is more work but it helps to stretch the dollars.  Hope you all enjoy!

Species List: 
Chub, Blotched
Chub, Bluehead
Chub, Bull
Darter, Greenside
Darter, Roanoke
Darter, Tangerine
Shiner, Alabama
Shiner, Rainbow
Studfish, Southern
Sucker, Alabama Hog
Sunfish, Redbreast
Sunfish, Warmouth


Casey Shanaberger's picture

Wish you would’ve run into him; his videos are what really got me started on multispecies fishing back in the day. Also, those red belly dace are amazing. Would love to take a trip out there someday. Cool report!

"I swear if you catch another drum"

RoughFish's picture

You take really great pictures.

Eli's picture

Good looking fishes! That male bull chub is rediculous.




Dr Flathead's picture

Good looking bunch of fishes.  My favorite is the Roanoke Bass.  It looks so much different than a Rock Bass or its other cousins.  And of course the tiny hogsuckers.  Did you see any that were bigger?

Cast_and_Blast's picture

About the Hog Suckers Doc:  Yes, I actually hooked 2 others that were more like 10-12 inches, but it was with Tanago micro hooks which did not have the strength to lift them.  I did however, gently scoop one of them bigger ones up with my other hand but it wiggled out of my hand before I could get a pic off.

Those are some awesome fish you caught!

Mike B's picture

That mountain redbelly is insane C&B! Also have a hard time getting my head around that tank bull chub. That is just a crazy looking fish. Great report man.

mike b

Hengelaar's picture

Beautiful stuff, Mr. C&B!
Uncle Steve is great!

Fishn sure is neat

Matt Miller's picture

Great photos. The fish diversity in that area is just insane.

The Roanoke bass is high on my want list. It seems that no one catches them in the Roanoke. Is the Eno River in their native range? I recall reading somewhere that they are doing better outside their native range...

Goldenfishberg's picture

That mountain redbelly dave is one of the most beatifull little fish I have ever laid eyes on! wow

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Looked like fun!

nviole's picture

Wow, what a good spread of species! I just fished the Eno for the first time this week and said to a friend that I felt like Uncle Steve!