Columbia River Pretty Roughfish

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Fish was 29" and 9 lbs

Caught a few days ago trolling a very deep diving crankbait in the Columbia River below McNary PB walleye.


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Whoa dude that's a sweet Eye.....and your overall outfit is electric.  Smart looking goatee look so distinguished.  Your charasmatic smile tells it all.....  And those sweet Smith sunglasses hanging from that happening leash scores high in styling points. are a walleye machine.....

(Sorry for this self-aggrandizing comment but I was feeling no love for a great fish.....if it was a blue sucker you guys would have been all over it.......hehehe)

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You'r outfit is pretty electric, I especially like your 1/4 zip fleece outerwear. When half zip is too much but full turtle neck is out of the question. quarter zip for the win ay??!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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It's because it was a Walleye, which isn't really an impressive/cool fish, especially to those of us in the Midwest, and also because you are clogging up our Significant Catches wall with your every day fishing or guided fishing.

But maybe I am the only one who thinks the latter. 

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You are not the only one.

Fishn sure is neat

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Meh, I got two walleye over 29 inches. Both caught fishing for cats. One on a bullhead and one on a bunch of fatheads wadded on a hook. Damn stupid bycatch...

You want some real props or attaboys? Post something cool that you caught on an unguided trip. 

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I have a personal fish list of over 350 species......nearly all caught in the first half of my nearly 63 years virtually none of which I had a guide but......according to your rules here.....since I don't have pictures of most of them they don't count...hmmmmm.....if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears did it make any sound?  As I have aged and can afford more I do use guides in certain places I love to fish but don't have a boat, etc...   Additionally after 20+ orthopedic surgeries, severe asthma and a recent heart attack I can't go most places I would really like to.  Additionally many I know many guides who are now my personal friends and I fish with them not necessarily as a "paid" guided trip.  So if soooooo many of my fish gall you please let me know here and I will retract them and leave this website.  And I had really thought you guys here weren't as petty as so many other boards.......hope springs eternal.  

Dr. Brian D. Wight......


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I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of your cool fish come rolling in, DocEsox.  Keep it going!  Yeah walleyes are kind of a joke fish around this forum, but it's still cool to be proud of a big one. 



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Actually, I'm kind of interested in which Columbia River this is from.

Are there walleye in the Columbia flowing from BC to WA? There shouldn't be...




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From my research walleye were introduced by a private group in a lake attached to the Columbia river in the 1950's and spread throughout its lower regions.  They are actually considered an unwanted, invasive species in the Columbia River and there is no limit on them.  Granted your roughfish may be handsome beyond compare but I catch the walleye purely for the taste.  I was fishing them below McNary Dam near Umatilla, Oregon.

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Thanks for the info, DocEsox!

I had no idea there were walleye in that system.




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You would think no one would post a pic of a walleye in the fantastic catches section on a roughfish forum,  and then have the nuts to point out that they didnt get any comments.  Crazy stuff there, Dr. Esox.

Example A- The main message of this site is roughfishing.  Doing it yourself, taking pride in the thrill of the hunt. Ground level shit. Might not always be the easiest way but its the roughfishers code.  Much, much different feeling just riding in the back of the boat and fishing a paid professionals spots, in my opinion.

Example B- The site here kind of specializes in less than desirable species, AKA rough fish.  The main focus.  The target species most of the time for most anglers here.  Unless were forced to fish for Walleye during the June contest that is...

I'm sorry to hear about your health conditions.  It helps me to understand more why some anglers might do guided trips. There just not for everyone, especially most anglers here.  Most dudes here might even say its cheating fishing with a guide. But to each is own.  Im sure your Walleye was a cool experience and probably felt great to catch.  Its just viewed differently here than on some Walleye fishers site, especially since it was caught with a guide.  Hope it helps you understand more why people here might say what they say and not comment on your pic.

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My main beef with this, besides the self-edifying and attention-seeking comment that prompted mine, is that he is utilizing the "Notable Catches" section for seemingly inconsequential fish. I agree, a big Walleye is cool (heck, I posted a steelhead as a notable catch), but this was not done in isolation- he flooded the NOTABLE catches section with cool but not truly notable/awesome catches with cool stories. I wouldn't have even bothered commenting at all if he had simply posted a thread about the fishing he had been doing rather than kicking some really neat and deserving catches from the front page by spamming pictures from his guided excursions and expecting attention. 

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I beg to differ. 
You may not like the pic of the walleye so scroll on. He is not cloggin up the notable catches. He is utilizing it for what he felt was a cool catch. YOU do not have the right to say what is allowed in the notable catch. You do have the right to decide where to comment.
I saw the walleye and thought, Cool but I was not goign to comment because I rarely say much online these days.
Doc said it earlier in here and it deserves to be said again. To each their own. It is easy to get out fishing when you are young and healthy. Wait until you have something happen and you cna no longer get yourself out fishing and you will understand more of life. 
DocEsox post what you feel is cool just don't expect attaboys on everything. =)

It is all perspective!

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Come on let it all out......quit sugar coating things

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been following this forum about 5 yrs.

1st time I've seen do-what-I-do-or-it-ain't-right

at least, it's once/5yrs -- not, once/5days, like the Bassholes

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

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Would anyone here post a sucker pic on a bass fishing forum? How about a flat bullhead pic in a walleye tournament trail forum?  All I'm saying is it's a bit out of place here. Might have gone un-noticed and uncommented on had the Dr. not brought up the fact that it didn't get any "likes". Without this site being unique and having a theme, well shit, it's just another fishing site, now isn't it. 

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And needing to draw attention to one's self is just lame behavior. Not as lame as bowfishing, but pretty lame. And then to brag about the number of fish you got and that your a doctor....Come on man! How old are we? Oh yeah, your a 60+ year old male doctor...

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But I do think your recent squawfish catch was super cool, Dr. Happy huntings to you. But remember, the walleye is a tool of the devil. 

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Man, Doc. You should’ve just let this walleye pic slide into Roughfish history without comment. You really opened yourself up for a pounding. Simple solution: don’t post 3 notable catches in a row. Spread ‘em out.

As to what is or is not “notable”: all relative. In the Columbia River a 9 pound walleye might be a trophy fish. Where I live (Lake Erie) it’s not exciting. Now, if it was a 9 pound smallmouth…

Validity of using a guide: depends on what part of the angling experience you value. Is it the catch or is it the hunt? To me the challenge is finding the fish. If somebody (whether a paid guide or fellow Roughfish member) takes you to his/her best spot and says “Cast there…” well, where’s the thrill in that? Will I feel the same at your age, after a heart attack and 20 surgeries? Probably not. I expect I’ll be ready to sit my ass in the fighting chair and say “Hand me the rod, Captain.” So, yeah, go get you some fish, however you have to do it. And keep posting them here…just not all at once.

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Nuff said guys...I catch the drift.  BTW.....I did post the blue sucker on other "game fish" sites and everyone thought it was pretty cool....not one negative vibe.  You guys are much more like a musky forum (from where I derive my moniker DocEsox)....they don't want to see anything that ain't musky.  On this I was just trying to be funny with my remark....can't believe people got all up in the face about.  Guys.....if you can't laugh at life and yourself while you go through it, it's gonna be a long, tough haul.  I love the fact you guys (and NANFA) give credit to the other fish everyone else ignores.....most of which are actually the natives to their waters.  My job in life is entertaining people because who wants to be in the dental chair?  I will endeavor to only put notable UGLY catches in here from now on and the walleyes will be completely limited to tablefare.  Thanks for all the "kind" instruction......

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I didn't really intend it to blow up like this - I was just voicing a thought that apparently I am not alone in having. As I have said multiple times over different mediums, this place is a place to appreciate everything that swims and has fins and gills. I am sure it is a neat fish for the area and I am glad you have found a way you can enjoy catching fish. I was just irritated to see like 5 fish from you in a section that normally only sees maybe 1 fish every two weeks. So, sorry if you felt me oozing hostility toward your way of life or fishing; this was not my intent