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Contest Injuries!

Hey all ya'll crazy roughfishin' maniacs! How many of you have hurt, injured, maimed, cut, sliced, stabbed, poked, pricked, or prodded yourselves this contest? Let's get a list of injuries going, maybe send a teddy bear to the angler most injuried at the end of the contest? 

Adam's 2018 contest injuries:

Bullhead spine under finnger nail

My poor poor back, my achey breaky back

stabbed by button on thigh, the back pin went all the way in, felt kinda cool taking it out tho


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-My ankle. Rolled it on a rock wading through some crazy fast water. Then kept bushwackin' through some woods, making it worse.

-Arms and legs (some wicked poison ivy tried to stand between me and a sweet eddy waaaay back in the same woods) I still think I won that one though...

-my hands (not too bad) *uncooperative shovelnose

-my pride.  Lost a little 10" bowfin trying to lift him up by the line. Also lost what will probably be my only shot at a river redhorse, both right at the shore. 

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Spread some poison ivy in the

Spread some poison ivy in the worst of places taking a piss.

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Big Drum dorsal spine stabbed

Big Drum dorsal spine stabbed into finger and then an Ozark Bass dorsal spine to the same finger, in the same hole.

Slipped, fell, landed on a big rock with my elbow...

Countless hook pokes to the finger and one completely through the skin.

Does an excessive amount of mosquito bites count?  

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Yesterday, when I was handling Miss M's gar, I felt several poles from near/under its pectoral fins that felt like fiberglass stabbing me. 


Today, I can definitely feel a sliver of something completely buried under the skin of my index finger.


Anyone else experience this? Any ideas on how to get the sliver out without mutilating my finger?

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Yikes! ya'll gettin it in!

Damn Greenwood you got bit in the Cheeck by a gar (like the face style cheek? or the tuchus kind of cheek) both are worthy of an A grade contest inujury I would say. 

Roughfish - is there anything worse than posion ivy on the "angler's bits"?? man that sounds not good, not good at all. 

Graceclaw - Id wait a day or two and see if the swelling goes down then get a nice needle and really dig that sum biscuit out of these. numbing agents can include but are not limited to: Ice, dry Ice, liquor (ingested or otherwise) and last but not least medical grade tranquilizers (consult your local pusher man) 

Marge I seen the picture of that hook burried in your finger - how did you get that son of a beesting out of your finger? 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Tom, I too injured my pride,

Tom, I too injured my pride, I was getting a damn good bite and set the hook real good....the sinker came flying back at me and I ducked and it sailed over me and just about killed an old man who we were talking to at the river and he just says "well looks like it's time for me to go" .... 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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before you go digging w/ a


before you go digging w/ a needle, try "ichy":

(and it IS as icky, as anything can be w/out having feces in it -- so, you know it works)


supposedly PRID (ichy+other stuff) is even better & less icky:


P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

Matt Miller
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Don't let the bedbugs bite

I'm not participating in the contest, but this happened while fishing for spotted gar and other new species in Indiana this June, so maybe it counts. I successfully avoided mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, poison ivy and other forms of outdoor pestilence. But two nights in a questionable (to put it mildly) hotel provided a banquet to a horde of ravenous bedbugs. The itch and swelling was unbelievable. And treating luggage, gear and clothes was a real pain.

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BEd bugs?! That’s a big yikes

BEd bugs?! That’s a big yikes from me dawg! That’s one heck of a poop expierience Matt!

And dang....poison ivy on the anglers tackle pouch sounds dreadful. Disturbingly dastardly dreadful.

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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