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the pyromaniac
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A few years ago we had a thread about what everybody was listening to, and a lot of you guys were mentioning Trampled by Turtles.  If anybody is in the area in mid-July they're headlining a festival in Virginia.

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Rebuild the music thread!

Bands I've been listening to a lot lately, been on folk punk type kick mostly :

  •  The dreadnoughts
  • Pat the bunny
  • Apes of the state
  • The uncluded
  • Days n daze
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I love me some Primus, gonna see them live again next week.  Les Claypool is my hero.



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Lately in the car

Accidentally posted this while greta was still signed in.

Lately in the car: 

I think that Turtles band has stuff on the Live Music Archive. As do a million other bands. Takes time to find the good stuff, but worth it.


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Oh yeah! Primus, all the way!

Oh yeah! Primus, all the way!