Awards requirements page?

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Awards requirements page?

Am I just having brain issues, or is the page that explained the various awards gone?

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It's there

The menu to it is gone.


You can view it at



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Thanks. I swear the

Thanks. I swear the descriptions weren't there for a while--just a list of people's awards.

Thought maybe I had enough sunfishes to be a slammer, but I see I have to actually measure the big ones. 

(Still hoping to be a dino hunter some day.)


Redhorse ID cheatsheets, gars, suckers:

2019: 34 days fishing 45 species 13 lifers. 2018: 39/40/5 2017: 49/52/14

space monki
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Still waiting to see what the

Still waiting to see what the conditions will be for the dino hunter award.