Please add Longspined Sea-Scorpion A.K.A. Longspined Bullhead, Taurulus bubalis

Common Name: 
Longspined Sea-Scorpion A.K.A. Longspined Bullhead
Scientific Name: 
Taurulus bubalis
Main Photo: 
Look how rad this lil feller looks!
Species Assigned: 
Sea Scorpion, Long-spined
Adult Size : 
Region Caught: 
Europe and Scandinavia
Closed Without Identification: 


Goldenfishberg's picture

If B.A. Baracas (Mr. T's character on the A-Team for those who are un-anointed) was a fish, this would be the fish. Looks like he could punch right through a guy's facepie. He just needs a little gold chain and some pimp rings and he gots it. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

RoughFish's picture

That’s one of those fish that looks like you shouldnt touch it. Brave man.

Mike B's picture

I'm guessing that's a sculpin of some sort and not poisonous despite the unfriendly looking hardware. Amazing criter thoiugh. Did it buzz in your hands? A lot of sculpins do.

mike b

Hengelaar's picture

Yeah, they did!! BRRZRZRZRZRZZ!!

Sooper neat little guys. I'm gonna be doing more of that light rock fishing; there are more neat species to be had there. And I must have them.

Fishn sure is neat