Mudminnow, Central smurph

Mudminnow, Central
Andover MN
Date Caught: 
Friday, February 9, 2018
First time catching these and got a ton of them ice fishing! They would chase my bait from the bottom all the way to three feet below the ice in 15 fow


Dr Flathead's picture

That is a monsterous mudminnow!  Look at how fat it is.  

Goldenfishberg's picture

No kidding! That thing is like the great great grand pappy of all Mudminnows! 

smurph's picture

I caught some on little jigs then went looking for other fish with a vmc tumbler spoon and this guy slammed it!

Hengelaar's picture

That's the biggest Mudminner I've ever seen!
Cool! I'd actually like to catch some of those...