Burbot UpperMi roughangler

Lake Michigan
Date Caught: 
Saturday, February 10, 2018
My pb burbot around 34 inches caught this past weekend. Finally got a good picture of one for the lifelist
Strains, Subspecies, and Hybrids: 


Goldenfishberg's picture

Dude, that is one heck of an impressive pout! Really sweet pics to, I bet you were happy to have a nice photo upgrade for your lifer pic! What did you catch this slob on? I always like to know what folks catch these leoprds on. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

UpperMi roughangler's picture

A minnow head on a tiny hook under a jig. On a noodle rod, very fun indeed when I suddenly felt the rod bending with something heavy pulling out line. She was quite a welcome surprise and nice size too. No idea what she weighed though 

Hengelaar's picture

Wow, dude! What  a beautiful Burberoony.

And a great photo. Not easy to get good pics of those guys, let alone a really great one. You can really see the fins and the impressive chin barbel.


Fishn sure is neat