Behemoth Burbot

UpperMI roughangler caught this prodigious 'pout and captured a great upgrade to his lifelist photo for the species.


FishNerd's picture

It's so pretty

Mike B's picture

Must've been a fine time. Your jacket is all slimey with giant burbot-ness.

Fishaholicsanonymous89's picture

Wow, what a monster! Congrats on this big and beautiful burbot!

RoughFish's picture

Beautiful fish, congrats.

Reeluppermichiganfisher's picture

i bet your happy we stayed there. And dident move to the outher side of the bay. i told you we would catch one there

Susquehannock's picture

It sort of reminds me of one of those giant goonch catfish that make occasional appearances on television.

UpperMi roughangler's picture

Thank you all. I am still very happy I caught this burbot. I’ve been wanting a good one for awhile.

Moose439's picture

What a slob! Great catch man, congrats.

RoughFish's picture

Ling King Award!

Eric Kol's picture

excellent fish.
Gary's picture

Good god that thing is amazing!!

zippyFX's picture

Gack! Did you get a weight on that beast!?