Bad day on the ice and safety reminder

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I had a very bad day on the ice today resulting in 3rd degree burns on my hand all my facial hair on the right side of my face was burnt and I lost my eyelashes. I also burnt the vents out of my ice house and burnt the seat up pretty bad. What happened was I had the lantern lit and I went to screw in a small tank of propane into my heater and something happened to the seal. So it was leaking propane all over my hands and I knew that lantern would ignite it if I didnt stop the leak quick. Well I wasn\'t quick enough and my whole fish trap guide and me went up in flames. All I saw was fire! I booked out of there as fast as I could and rolled in the snow putting out the fire. Then I threw snow on my house till the fire went out. My dad fishing 20 yards from me witnessed the whole thing and said I was nothing but a big ball of fire running out of the house. Scary shit and I feel lucky to escape with minor injuries. I broke 2 rods on the way out and my line on my reels was so badly singed its probably no good my coat is still wearable but its got that rough burnt feel to it. It really makes you think about safety and checking your equipment before you use it. I know now I will be more careful than ever. Keep it safe out there guys...thin ice isn\'t the only thing to worry about.

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Ouch! That\'s a pretty severe situation to find yourself in all of a sudden when you\'re trying to fish. I\'m glad you came away from it in reasonably fair shape, and there was no explosion of any kind. It could have been worse. Trapping ourselves in small shelters and playing with fire and pressurized gas you never know when something like this can happen!

I\'m glad you\'re all right badfish. Your day of fishing on this the last day of 2009 is one of the worst I have ever heard of, and none have been more stickworthy in the history of

You are hereby granted The Stick; may it bring you better luck and many fish, as well as foster hair growth on the right side of your face.

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Ok that sounds like some scarry shit. Glad you\'ve sustained no permanent injuries. I\'m pretty paranoid about combustible gasses and fluids. I always feel a bit uneasy when gassing up the car or turning on the bbq.
...On the plus (or minus) side, people with no eyebrows look hilarious so I hope you have a bit of a sense of humour about the whole thing.




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I would say you also deserve a title of hardcore. Glad your ok and to hear you still have a stick on the ice (pun intended, hehe).


Sorry I didn\'t see this sooner. Glad you are OK. I must say you are lucky that you didn\'t have any more injuries.

Up at our cabin we have blown up a few 1lb propane tanks by lighting them on fire and shooting them. It makes a very impressive fireball at 50+ yards. I imagine it is even more impressive from the inside.

Better luck next time.

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Badfish set himself on fire inside his ice shack and earned The Stick?


Pepperidge Farms remembers.




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Pepperidge Farms remembers third degree burns and lost fish. Ya.