Sturgeon Fever!

Another Fishing Show Buddies Greg and Pete Head out on a cold November night to catch their very first Lake Sturgeon!  Click the link below to check out the action.  Please subscribe while you are there!


Species List: 
Sturgeon, Lake


andy's picture

Sturginity lost.

Dr Flathead's picture

Gotta love the November Sturg!  I love the excitment in your boat.  Makes me sad I missed Sturgeon season this year...

puckettgame6's picture

Sturgeon season open til March! I think I will be pulling some through the ice this year. What an amazing animal. I am totally hooked.

GeluNumber1's picture

They are a blast, especially through hardwater. I caught three last week in one outing and my buddy got a nice 61 incher.

Hit me up if you want, I'd love to go fishing with you guys.

All fish are beautiful.

puckettgame6's picture

Heading out today!!  Where were you and how was the ice?